Friday, July 25, 2014

A belated 4th of July

A few weeks late, yep. But this is, after all, my third favorite holiday and I wanted to share pictures from the day.

If you are local, you know that our weather here in Columbus has been fab.u.lous. If you are like me and have no interest or time to lay out at the pool, you will appreciate the breeze and 70s temps. Usually July 4th in Columbus is HOT, humid and just all around gross, even at 9 AM for the parade. But this year, the weather was spot on and we were ready for our day outside!

We moved out of our house 2 weeks before, so we technically didn’t live in UA anymore. But that wasn’t stopping us from going with our old neighbors and seeing the over-the-top parade floats and Larkyn’s fave marching bands that were there. And of course, the old cars and the emergency vehicles that she hates.

Rhys alternated between sleeping in the car seat and being held, while Larkyn alternated between pulling the shade completely over her face because it was too bright or shaking her booty (and cracking everyone up) to the music.

I don’t know anything about the Worthington parade, but it better bring it on next year!

We headed over to Uncle Eric and Aunt Shannon’s for some food, drinks (am I the last one to try Red’s Apple Ale? Yum!) and pool time.

This is when we decided Larkyn should take swim lessons ASAP before she’s 17 and still afraid to get in water (she still screams bloody murder when I wash and rinse her hair in the bath). She was juuuust fine sticking her feet in. And Rhys was content to be passed around and loved on by all the ladies.

We didn’t see any fireworks this year. Next year, maybe we will try having Larkyn stay up for them, but it didn’t happen this year!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rhys is 4 months old!

Our sweet boy. He just seems to take the world in stride. I’m so happy to be settling him in to his own room and seeing what the next month holds for him.

Loves: watching his big sister at all times, being swaddled, white noise, standing up on anyone’s lap and being talked to, bath time, holding his feet

Dislikes: Being buckled into his carseat, stopping at stoplights, being off his schedule. When this guy is over-stimulated, he needs his nap time!

Milestones: laughing, rolling over both ways just a few times, moving up to size 2 diapers, discovering hands and feet

Sleeping: This is changing a bit, but he has been taking a short morning nap around 10, a long afternoon nap from 1-4, a little snooze at 6:30, and then bed at 7:30. But he has suddenly been waking up at 6:15 all week! Not a fan of that, and trying to adjust things to get him back to 7:30ish.

Eating: At this point with Larkyn, I was DYING to start feeding her solid foods. That did not go well, and we tried again at 6 months. I think I’m just going to hold off until then with him too. He drinks 5 bottles a day, at about 30 ounces total.

His ENT visit at Nationwide Childrens for breathing stridor was at the end of June. Thank goodness his doctor and nurses were awesome, because it was such a traumatic experience for both of us. The official diagnosis is reflux and laryngomalacia (a “floppy larynx” that 90% of children outgrow) and the treatment is Zantac and time. I was hoping that by his next visit this month, it would be gone, but it isn’t.

With his new room, we will soon be trying out sleeping in a crib, using the swing, and pulling out the beloved exersaucer. Time is going fast with this little one!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Park of Roses 2014

If you do something twice, you can consider it “annual”, right?  Last year, I discovered that this gem of a park is the perfect place for pictures in mid-summer. This year, we got to make the trip with 2 new babies!

The plan was to take a few pictures of our respective kids with the beautiful backgrounds and then the girls in their matching seahorse shirts. Ha. We (I) did not account for the newly-moody 3 year old in tow. The grass had dew on it, so that was drama number one. It was hot, it was bright, she knew there was a playground around the corner…luckily Julie (seen below) had some words of wisdom.

It was all we could do to get these pictures. No wardrobe change to match Eva. Sorry, Julie. Perfect little Eva slept the whole time. Ah, those days are gone. But I love these pictures and my girl looks so precious in them that I just can’t take it.

After the roses, we went to the promised playground, where our first public tantrum proceeded to unfold because she got to the top of a huge slide and was too scared to slide down. And too stubborn to come down the steps because she wanted to go down the slide. And then just so mad at herself and at me for encouraging/saving/eventually carrying her down kicking and screaming that we just kept walking past the rest of the playground, through the park, and into the car. Shortest playground visit ever. Sorry Julie (again).

It ended on a terrible note, but we will make the trip out again next year (maybe before then because it is now just down the street from us!)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The "before" home tour!

I think all of us still miss the old house and maybe always will. I still miss my childhood home. People move a lot, and only a few of the houses will hold a special place in our hearts. I’m hoping that our new home will do just that for many years. Here are the very first pictures of our new place. Unfortunately, I didn't know they take listing photos down the minute the house sells, we have a combination of my phone photos the day we moved in and google image results. So, not the best quality!

We wanted a place that allowed separate areas for each of us. A few options for times when we need a little quiet. Though we loved our old house, you could sit anywhere in the house and see every other room except one.

Our new home is a Cape Cod. When we walk in, we see the living room. It will eventually be painted Revere Pewter or Ozark Shadows. One drawback is that there is no dining room, so like the last owners, we will just put the table against the wall on the right and it’ll be fine. For holidays, we will turn the table.

Straight ahead is the kitchen, which is my favorite part. I want to just close myself up in those cabinets I love them so much. I should have plenty of cabinet space and finally a fridge that isn’t as old as me. And I never would have painted a kitchen purple, but I think it works! We are adding a buffet to the blank wall (on the left out of the frame) for some storage and a space to keep my calendar, bills, coupons, etc.

Off the kitchen is the backyard. The hostas make my heart burst because they were my grandma’s favorites and she planted them at my childhood home for us. The tall privacy fence is HUGE to us. Our dogs are terrible neighbors, so we are so thankful to have this already done for us. And the star of the show for Larkyn…a playset!  They did not have to leave this for us, and they did. Behind the fence is another yard and then (supposedly) the best Italian restaurant in Columbus. I may never cook again.

Back in and through the kitchen are the garage and basement. We are hoping to somewhat finish it, but if you’ve ever sold/bought a house, you know that in the end, you are never left with what you once thought you would have. Anyway, it will be Matt’s TV room and a playroom for the kids.

Back through the kitchen and down the hall are the bedrooms and bathroom. The bathroom needs nothing done (we hope) and I’m in love with the hex tile.

This one will be Larkyn’s room and I think we will be keeping the paint color. I had already bought her new bedding because I wanted something that would transition easily from her nursery bedding. And crazy enough, this room is painted to match!

This is Rhys' room.  It has already transformed from bright blue to soft gray. 

And finally, I did mention this is a Cape. We have always had one story, but now we go up the stairs and here is our master bedroom! I am so excited to have a little privacy and tons more space than our old room. Behind one wall is lots of storage space. If possible, we would love to add a bathroom and another closet up here.

So that’s it. I am eager to transform it into our place and experience a new city. Larkyn’s elementary school has an amazing reputation and it looks like the neighborhood is turning over to young couples like us. Come visit us soon!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I know...

-I know that this family was not made to ever have a fully carpeted house. In our rental, the dogs, Play-doh, McDonald's sweet and sour sauce, and Rhys spit-up have already taken their toll in one week.

-that eliminating the third nap of the day was finally in the cards when we had a week of a wide-eyed baby staring us in the face when it was time for bed!

-that earwigs still exist. I hadn't seen one since being in the neighborhood I grew up gross.

-that I have really good friends who will help me get Larkyn out of her new favorite predicament (THREE TIMES in the past week)...going up to a really high spot on a playground and then either throwing a big ass tantrum or pitifully crying when she can't decide if she wants to go down or keep going. I don't want to discourage her from taking risks, but this is getting old!

-that not having cable and Internet is pretty bad, but Matt and I have watched about 100 movies together and Larkyn is finding lots of non-TV stuff to do. Like pour out entire bottles of sprinkles and color all 4 of her walls during naptime. I love you, Magic Eraser.

-that Rhys' little feet are my favorite thing in the world. He is so strong and uses them to kick off anything he can. And his toes are long and skinny and he's constantly flexing them. It's hilarious.

-that I can't wait to buy non-post-pregnancy clothes one day. Last time it took a year to get back into old clothes, so I'll just hold out. And I'm not sure I ever want to go back to pants without elastic waistbands

-that this post was really random and I'm sorry. Someday soon, I can put photos back in and actually type on a computer...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Limbo lower now!

Well, we made it halfway. Today is Day 2 in the rental house, and although our world is a little upside down, we made it. We closed on our house on Friday and have been moving our endless amounts of belongings over here since. Matt made the final run this morning. And as of now, a happy little couple is moving into our "old" house.

Surprisingly, Larkyn has taken this easier than anyone. No questions asked, excited about the "Brown House" as she has dubbed it, and didn't even flinch at her mattress being on the floor. I guess if she doesn't mind that for 30 days, we will probably just leave it!

We are missing cable/internet right now. It makes for a pretty quiet, but pretty bored house at times. Thus the blog post by phone, which I've never done. And we decided to put our dining room set on the curb, so we are eating wherever we find a spot on the floor, at a toddler table, or on the couches in the lower level (basement), where Matt and I decided we would just camp out instead of moving our massive furniture into a bedroom.

This is a temporary home, but I'm going to try my best to make it a home, nonetheless!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Rhys is 3 months old! (and 2 months too!)

They've always said it would happen. That the second child doesn't get nearly as many photos and recordings of milestones as the first. They were right. I have the photos, they have just been living on my camera. Let's play catch-up, shall we?

With month two, we saw our first smiles and heard our first coos. We had full nights of sleep and a big boy of 11 pounds and 22.5 inches long. I ended my maternity leave at 8 weeks and he stayed with my mom while I was at work. This worked out perfectly, and I wasn't worried for a minute with her in charge of my sweet boy.

At 3 months...

Rhys smiles whenever he sees someone he recognizes after he wakes up. It is the best.  He is 13 lbs, 24 inches.

Sleep: After a doctor visit (to get the dreaded shots!!), the doctor suggested we stop letting him sleep upright overnight. He was sleeping so well in the carseat with the vent fan on in the kitchen! But the rock and play was not helping his head shape. So, he's been swaddled in a Halo Sleepsack swaddler for the last week and doing OK. He takes a morning nap and a long afternoon nap, and then goes to bed at 7:30.

Eating: The Enfamil Gentlease has been such a lifesaver. We've tried regular formula a few times, with disastrous consequences. He drinks a few 6 oz and a few 4 oz bottles a day.

Good news: He loves being outside and watching the leaves blow in the wind. Still enjoys baths, and also likes the jungle playmat (which Larkyn insists on getting under as well and making a tent over the top)

Bad news:  We've been keeping an eye on his noisy breathing. At our last doctor appointment last week, she referred us to Children's for an ENT visit. Lots of babies are born with breathing stridor and it often resolves on its own. She wants to make sure that if something is causing it (choices: paralyzed vocal cord, enlarged heart vein pushing on larynx, malformed larynx--awesome) that it is addressed. That appointment is on the 18th.

As I look at the pictures now, I can see that he lost and regained his hair at the same time Larkyn did. Poor fringey babies. I think it's time for some comparison photos this week!


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